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Tips to Improve Your Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

Posted By inFECT On 28. June 2011 @ 09:27 In Tips & Tricks | 1 Comment

One of the biggest issues with Android smartphone is the low battery life, which seems to plague almost all models regardless of the battery’s capacity.

Either it’s a 1900 mAh or a 1500 mAh battery, they are drained almost at the same pace by Android phones partly because of the hardware that requires high amounts of energy sometimes, but also courtesy to Google’s mobile platform.

Although there’s no certain recipe that will make your phone’s battery last significantly longer, Android fans have discovered several tricks that can be done to get the most out of your Android device’s battery.

One of the first things recommended is to let Android manage your apps that are working in the background. There has been talk about ‘task killer’ apps that are draining more battery than the actual apps functioning in the background, so it’s better to avoid installing any third-party ‘app killer’.

Another option that you would want to disable when you don’t need to use it is the Wi-Fi connectivity. Android allows users to make shortcut of the Wi-Fi connection on the homescreen or notification area where it can be quickly toggled on/off as needed.

If you’re not one of those users that likes their smartphone to ‘shine’ every time it is used, then it is recommended to turn the phone into power saving mode.

However, this mode is not included within all Android smartphones, but those that have it will be able to reduce the screen time-out, turn off the vibration, disable homescreen animations and lower the display’s brightness.

Avoid keeping your phone on vibration mode, instead use a ringtone for anything that requires an alert. In addition, it is recommended to disable the keys tone, the Bluetooth connectivity and the radio app.

Another piece of the phone that is hard on the battery is the built-in GPS receiver, which needs to be disabled when you are not using it. The GPS eats a lot of the battery’s energy even when it is not used, so it’s better to turn it off so that other apps installed on the phone won’t be able to use it in the background.

While these tricks will improve your battery’s life, it will definitely drop the phone’s functionality, as you won’t be able to use it at its full capacity.

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