[Galaxy i7500] simple rooting guide (without Galaxo/Galaxhero roms)

Simple Rooting Guide (without galax0/galaxher0 roms)
by Rastaman-FB

For those who are a bit tentative with this kind of thing (i was aswell as it was all a bit new), this guide should help.
I know there have been other guides about but things have been made alot simpler for rooting the galaxy and as such i deem it a good thing to give a more updated way of doing this.
Ive also done it so i can add it to the stickies

First of all some understanding of root:
Root does not suddenly make things better, faster. if you have an understanding of linux you will know what root is.
As with linux there is a downside to root due to the level of access (remember the saying “he who logs in as root kills the tree”) which means you can potentially destroy important things on your phone with ease as you have that level of power.
Root access or “SU” is elevated access rights to that of a full administrator (or close)
there are many apps that require root and on top of that you can add further functionality with root access

I cannot stress enough that this is completely at your own risk.
If you dont have a reason to root and dont require custom firmware or custom apps that need root then dont bother doing it

Step 1 – Install NPS from disk or download it from here

Step 2 – download the Android SDK, this is large but you need the Tools from it in order to access the device to make modifications.
make sure you extract it to an easy location like c:\

Step 3ADB (pain in the arse) we need to get the driver installed for ADB, some people have random issues with ADB and Fastboot, this is mainly driver related and can be a pain in the rectum if you are using x64 vista or windows7.
on x86 operating systems you should be fine just enabling development mode and connecting it to the device (settings>applications>development>USB debugging)
If this has issues you can download the modified sdk drivers that i have tested and work from here
you could also try installing Driod Explorer from here (it will not fully work with the phone till its rooted but should install the drivers) Droid Explorer
This part also applies if you have problems with Fastboot.
alternatively check the post here

Step 4 – Get the latest recovery package that Drakaz created on HDBlog.it, you must register to download but its fair as tbh hes done wonders for galaxy

Step 5 – Extract the contents of the recovery package to the tools folder of the SDK (eg. C:\android-sdk-windows\tools)

Step 6 – Copy the RECTOOLS.tar.gz to the root of your device internal storage (sdcard)

Step 7 – Navigate to SDK tools folder in command promt (eg. cd\ hit return then cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools) then type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
at this point you should get “waiting for device”

Step 8 – power down device, reconnect to usb while powered down, boot into fastboot by holding “Dial+ok+power“. you should see on the galaxy “fastboot mode” and if its successful it will show the amount of bites pushed to the device and after 15 seconds it will boot back into the device normally.
if you have issues with fastboot driver showing Android1.0 in windows device manager, follow the steps for ADB linking the Android 1.0 to the ADB device driver

Step 9 – Power down device and then boot into recovery (volumedown+dial+power) you should see a nice big galaxo recovery menu with plenty of options

Step 10 – Do a nandroid backup from that menu to save your current configuration if anything bad happens in the future

Step 11 – in the menu select “Enable root (SU)” click home to confirm then click “reboot system now

You should now be rooted
most of the functions from droid explorer should now work and on top of that if you use a terminal like better terminal you can do some cool things with your phone


source: androidforums.com

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