[Galaxy i7500] How to install the Mustymod Custom Rom

Flashing MustyMod 1_03b by Terry

Flashing mustymod will overwrite your recovery so if you are coming from galaxo/galaxhero and want to go back after trying mustymod, you will need to use fastboot etc to re-flash drakaz’s recovery back as mustymod uses it’s own recovery image.
Be sure to flash a stock II5 firmware back first, using Odin, if you plan on going back to galaxo/galaxhero.

Also note that some people have reported that running mustymod can screw with you google account. I signed up for a new google account to use with mustymod just in case.


Things you will need:

1: The 1_03b ROM, which you can get here: mustymod Samsung Galaxy Rom
2: Odin, which you can get here: MEGAUPLOAD – The leading online storage and file delivery service
3: Make sure you have all the required drivers for the phone installed

If you don’t have drivers installed for the phone the thread here has all the info you need:

How to Odin and Galexo ROM’s

Read the part called:
How to Install Drivers (ex ADB)


Extract the mustymod_Eclair_v1_03b.rar achive into a new folder, you should now have the following 4 files:



Once you have the drivers and files sorted,
start with the phone powered off and NOT plugged into your computer, boot the phone in download mode by pressing Volume Down + OK + Power On
The phone should boot to download mode, now connect the phone to your PC with the USB data cable.

Next we run odin.

Under “select OPS”, press the “OPS” button, then navigate to the “Orion.ops” file, it’s in the same directory as Odin.
Under “Select images to download”, press each button and navigate to where you extracted mustymod_Eclair_v1_03b.rar. Choose each .tar file respectively for: BOOT, PHONE, PDA, CSC

The rest of the settings should be left alone.
Hit the “Start” button, and wait….

Once finished the phone will re-boot into musty’s recovery where you should choose: wipe data/factory reset
Once thats done, you can choose re-boot. You should see the fimiliar samsung and android logo’s, then a shiny new 2.0
It may take a bit longer to boot than 1.5, it did for me on my galaxy.

Source: Androidforums.com

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