Galaxo released!

As of today, drakaz released the new Custom Rom “Galaxo” for the Samsung Galaxy 7500.
The new Version has finally a bug fix for the well known “No Sleep” problem.

Galaxo : (download) (official mirror)

– Remove too heavy audio hack
– Restore service mode application (audio tunning,be carrefull when using service mode app, and take a look at this article.
– Add an option to Galaxo+, provide access to service mode (audio tunning)
– Rewrite thresholds rules
– Geolocalisation patch
– Fix battery indicator (thanks to bluemax – Fix for status bar battery indicator
– New Superuser from ChainDD on XDA – Superuser 2.1 (thanks to Spria from frandroid for this info)

Download and how to : Galaxo V1.6.3.2 (Donut) Source:

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